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Moving Checklist

Thorough planning is the key to any successful move. With so many decisions to make, and details to remember, the following checklist will help you to get organized initially. There have been various articles written about the process of moving, most of which agree that moves generally take 8 to 10 weeks from start to finish.

Know the neighborhood before you buy a house

One of the most important decisions a home buyer must make is choosing the right neighborhood. While this is a very personal decision that often hinges on hundreds of different factors, you should always keep in mind the following...

Home Inspection

Few of us would consider buying a used car without first having a mechanic look it over, or at least taking it out for a test drive. Yet that is exactly what many buyers do when buying a home.

Common Buying Mistakes

Home buyers often make very costly mistakes when purchasing a home.  This is a good time to surround yourself with experts to help guide you in the right direction.

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Buying a home is a complex and stressful undertaking; Getting an expert to help will save you time, money, and aggravation.  

The advantages of working with a Realtor® are: